Papakupu Māori

The purpose of Te Papakupu Māori software project is to bring as much knowledge about te reo Māori to as many technology projects possible and ultimately back to Māori. It is hoped that the project will continue to evolve so that te reo Māori is always available to be embedded in the latest technology.

Currently there is support for spell-checking dictionaries based on information written by experts in te reo Māori, Linguistics, Computer Science, Information Technology and Tikanga Māori. And early support for thesauruses and hyphenation.

Te Papakupu Māori respects the orthographic conventions of te reo promoted by Te Taura Whiri, without comprising and still supporting writers of Rohe and Iwi variations throughout Aotearoa.

Te Reo is alive. New words are being added to cope with world we live in. And our understanding of te reo is also becoming clearer – differences in regional variations are being recorded, and pronunciation from our Tipuna are being analyzed for example. Te Papakupu Māori is designed to be a system that transparently keeps upto-date with the most current understanding of te reo as it evolves.